Dr. Jeffrey R. S. Brownson
Assoc. Prof. of Energy & Mineral Engr.
Office: Hosler 212
Curriculum Vitae

Our call to action is the

Goal of Solar Design

To maximize the solar utility for a client or group of stakeholders, within a given locale.

Course materials:
Design of Solar Energy Conversion Systems.

Brownson Team Graduates

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Ms. Elizabeth Michael (MS MatSE; Spring 2012): Nanocomposite Synthesis and Characterization of Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) for Photovoltaic Applications

Mr. Jeffrey Rayl (MS EME; Spring 2012): Climate-regime cospectrum analysis: shortwave solar irradiance with other meteorological parameters for regionally spaced locales

Dr. Ramprasad Chandrasekharan (PhD EME; Spring 2012): Numerical Modeling of Tin-based Absorber Devices for Cost-effective Solar Photovoltaics

Ms. Katherine Nicol (BS Honors Energy Engr.; Spring 2012): Deposition and Patterning of CZTS as a Light Absorbing Material for Solar Applications

Ms. Mesude Bayrakci (MS EME; Summer 2011): Temperature Dependent Power Modeling of Photovoltaics

Mr. Charith Tammineedi (MS EME; Spring 2011): Matlab Modeling of Battery-Ultracapacitor Systems for Solar and Wind

Mr. Luke Witmer (MS EME; Fall 2010): TRNSYS: Quantification of the Passive Cooling of Photovoltaics Using a Green Roof

Mr. Jonathan Perez-Blanco (BS Honors ME; Spring 2010): Conventional and Green Roof Albedo Measurement and Analysis for Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Applications

The Natural Fusion project at Penn State had a very successful experience on the National Mall in in Washington D.C. this October 2009! Congratulations to the team for taking 3rd place in both Engineering and Lighting Design! What an amazing design-build process for all of us.

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